Men's Shoes

Men’s shoes offered an enormous variety of colours and styles during this decade. Though the conservative set stuck to oxfords, brogues and loafers, even the most conservative dress could include a pair of coloured suede shoes in a more conservative cut. The toe of the time was more rounded than in the fifties. In 1960, an interwoven leather upper was popular for the summer and casual slip- on shoes were worn. Late in the sixties, moccasins became popular, and they were most likely designer versions of the hippies’ style.

The younger generation wore the Chelsea boot in the early sixties, popularised by the Beatles. This boot had a triangular elastic insert in both sides. Later, a boot with a side zipper and Cuban heel became popular.

The cowboy boot also became popular, again following the trend the Beatles had set.

The footwear of the hippies who have come to characterise the entire decade cannot be defined in simple terms. They went barefoot, wore simple sandals and moccasins and shopped at underground vintage clothing stores. A hippie could be seen wearing anything, as long as it did not conform to the fashion trends of the day.