Women's Shoes

Women can select from a broad range of styles to suit every mood, business, or social occasion. Comfortable low-heeled walking shoes, high stilettos, and mid-height heels are executed in a variety of leathers, suedes and fabrics.

The revival of the seventies styles brought back platforms and huge block heels by mid decade. By 1996 they adorned just about every pair of women’s shoes, from athletic to pumps to casual styles. Hush Puppies reappeared on the mass market in 1997, and the younger crowd adopted the style in bright new colours, complete with a high block heel.

By 1997, haute couture decided that a more feminine look needed to return to fashion footwear. Strappy sandals returned but they retained the block heel.

In 1998, the fashion industry threw away the clunky look of block heels and platforms, and reintroduced slimmer heels such as the Cuban and the Louis. These styles can be seen in the stores, and for business and dressier occasions, but, for the most part, have not yet ousted the block heel for the younger fashion set.