Men's Shoes

For business, footwear remains much the same as it was in the eighties. The traditional styles still hold strong, though sometimes untraditional colours or fabrics are used to update the design. The younger set appears in brightly coloured Hush Puppies loafers with business suits and for casual wear.

For the younger generation, shoes for street wear range from Doc Martens, which became a mainstream norm in the mid-nineties, to athletic shoes, to styles borrowed from the sixties and seventies such as the Chelsea boot.

Toes at the beginning of the decade were pointed, but by the mid-nineties, they became domed and round. Platform soles, which became popular with women in mid decade, are now worn by young men for street wear and clubbing. Sandals for summer are the norm, and Birkenstocks in 1993 made a huge comeback to become the mainstream summer footwear.